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Israel Chemicals (ICL) and Dead Sea Works in the News

Israel Chemicals’ (ICL) permit to mine in the Dead Sea should not be extended when it expires in 2030 but instead the rights should be put up for sale by tender, a senior Finance Ministry official recommended on Tuesday.

“Holding a tender is the correct way to maximize the public’s share of the Dead Sea’s natural resources,”

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The Dead Sea Gets New Life

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin dedicated the first five kilometers of a new seaside promenade along the Dead Sea at Ein Boqek, part of a NIS 200 million ($55 million) project aimed at rescuing the hotel district from flooding.

Read about a new master plan to transition the Dead Sea area into a first class tourist venue –

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A New Mall and Other Great Expectations at the Dead Sea

New initiatives in the Dead Sea area aim to bring 20,000 jobs, a new promenade and research institute.

Big things are happening in Ein Bokek. “What you see before you is a flagship project. There will be culinary and spa development, a health center and a connections to the solarium,” said Dov Litvinoff,

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Dead Sea Products Mall Kiosk Owner Sentenced to Jail for Illegally Employing Israelis

An Israeli man who owns kiosks in shopping malls in seven states was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in jail for illegally employing Israeli nationals to sell Dead Sea beauty products.

The kiosks located in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Missouri operated under names including Premier Skincare,

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‘Salt Bride’: What happens when an Israeli artist leaves a dress in the Dead Sea?

“It looks like snow, like sugar, like death’s embrace; solid tears, like a white surrender to fire and water combined.”
Soaking in the abundant salt and minerals in the waters of the Dead Sea is known to have various health benefits, but what would happen to a garment left immersed in the hyper-saline water for a prolonged period of time?

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Artist Spencer Tunick Returns to the Dead Sea

Jewish-American artist Spencer Tunick, known for his mass nude art photography, is coming back to Israel. His visit will have a double purpose, however. In addition to inaugurating an exhibition of his work at the Reviat Florentin Gallery in Tel Aviv on September 12, the artist also hopes to raise awareness of the quickly-evaporating Dead Sea.

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Potential Water Shortage in Dead Sea Area

Head of the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria, Brigadier-General Achvat Ben-Hur, warns “Mekorot” company CEO Shimon Ben Hemo and Water Authority head Alexander Kushnir of severe water shortages that would result from the failure of the “Jericho 5” water well.

Ben-Hur explained that at this juncture Jericho 5 is not active,

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Dead Sea Oil Reservoir ‘Entirely Within Israel’ Says Company

An Israeli company authorized to drill an oil reservoir near the Dead Sea, recently evaluated to contain NIS 1.2 billion worth of fuel, stressed Sunday that the area is located entirely inside Israel, which it said was a response to Arab media reports that the site stretched into Palestinian territory.

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Israel to Clear Mines from Christian Holy Baptism Site Near Jericho

Qasr al-Yahud, a site just north of the Dead Sea near Jericho, where many Christians believe Jesus was baptized, will be cleared of landmines and other ordnance, a half-century after Israel took control of the area during the 1967 Six-Day War.

The Defense Ministry will carry out the clearing operation together with the HALO Trust,

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Vacationing at the Dead Sea? The Eruv is Down

If you’ll be spending shabbat at the Dead Sea, take note. The eruv around the Ein Boqeq region (where most of the hotels are) will be down for at least the next six months or so. That means that the laws of shabbat forbid pushing strollers, carrying keys, or carrying anything else outside of the hotel.

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Fosun Plans Huge Global Expansion for Ahava Skincare

Fosun Group director Joe Yizhou He tells “Globes” about the Chinese company’s ambitious plans for the Israeli Dead Sea cosmetics company.

Fosun International acquired the roughly 16 percent of Israel’s Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories owned by Gaon Holdings for NIS 290 million.

April 12, 2016: Chinese Conglomerate,

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What’s New in Ein Bokek

A road made of salt runs horizontally across the Dead Sea. Access to the road is just north of the Premier Spa. It’s a wonderful place to take a walk—the view is breathtaking.
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Except for a few stretches, a new sidewalk runs the length of the town.

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Israel-Jordan Gas Pipeline to Begin Operating in 2017

The first natural gas pipeline to Jordan is scheduled to begin operating in 2017, Israel Natural Gas Lines CEO Samuel Tordjman announced. The pipeline, currently being constructed in the Sdom area by the Dead Sea, will supply gas from the Tamar reservoir to private customers in Jordan. A second pipeline to be built in the Beit Shean area is due to supply gas from the Leviathan reservoir to the Jordanian National Electric Power Company (NEPCO).

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Ramon International Airport Near Eilat to Open in 2017

First commercial flights at Ramon International Airport, north of Eilat, are expected to take place in spring 2017. The NIS 1.7 billion ($436.5 million) new airport will replace the smaller airport in downtown Eilat and the Ovda airport. The new terminal will serve more than two million passengers annually, and will have spacious arrivals and departures halls for international and domestic flights,

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New Towns to be Set Up in the Negev

The government announced that it was setting up five new towns in the Negev. The project was initiated by Housing Minister Yoav Galant (Kulanu). The towns will be set up in the lower Negev, near Road 80.

The decision is more of a policy statement, and in order for the vision to come to fruition,

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Arieh Cohen Elected Head of Megillot-Dead Sea Regional Council

Arieh Cohen was elected on Tuesday as head of the Megillot-Dead Sea Regional Council, after winning two thirds of the votes, the Interior Ministry said. The elections were held after the previous head of the council was forced to resign in light of his involvement in the Yisrael Beytenu corruption scandal.

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A Drone Flies Over Masada

Amazing Aerial View of Masada near the Dead Sea in Israel in 4k – Drone Cinematography by Jeffrey Worthington

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Ahava Cosmetics to be Sold to China’s Fosun

A Chinese business conglomerate has agreed to become the majority shareholder of the Israeli Ahava Dead Sea minerals cosmetics company for close to $76.5 million.

The final number of shares China’s Fosun International will buy has yet to be determined, but the company, mainland China’s largest private-owned conglomerate,

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New Road Opens to Bypass Road 90 Sinkholes Near Ein Gedi

As Israel’s Dead Sea region prepares for an influx of tourists this summer, a new road has opened to bypass sinkholes in the Ein Gedi area.

The two kilometer road, which runs parallel to Route 90 from the Ein Gedi youth hostel to the kibbutz’s agricultural fields, is the result of a NIS 24 million,

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Israel to Build Smart Fence on Jordan Border

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon announce the start of a multi-billion-shekel effort to construct a sensor-laden fence on the southern border with Jordan, the news site Ynet reported.

A fence, complete with sophisticated sensors and regular IDF patrols, already exists on the northern half of the Israeli-Jordanian border,

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